Dr. Siddig Blal Ibrahim Balal

I wish first to congratulate our fresh and old students together with my colleagues for the new academic year, and is very happy to recall the blessings and achievements of last year. Last year was so wonderful for various reasons: we were able to rehabilitate our old computer labs and to transform them into what they are now “a model to be imitated by other colleges” as one student rightly described them; the higher studies labs are also ready and will be inaugurated very soon. We were also very lucky to have added to our library several translated works of famous text books originally published in USA and Western Europe. SUST Student Union has also played a vital role in the improvement of the social environment of our college. Thanks to its active offices for the various achievements of last year. As an outstanding example for these achievements one has to mention the last Cultural Week which aired the exceptional talents of our students. Last year also witnessed several academic activities, one of which was the brand loyalty seminar which provided a forum for the ongoing debate between companies providing mobile telephone services in Sudan. All participants agreed about the vital economic role played by this industry and the need to gain the confidence of customers of such services. Another seminar was held by Department of Management Information Systems to highlight the role played by information technology in the improvement of our economy and its components. Among the most constructive activities of last year was the visit to Syria by students of the Banking Department. The trip was a success by all measures and the Syrian Student Union spared no effort to make that visit a memorable occasion for all the participants. On your behalf I wish to thank the Syrian Student Union for the generosity and care they have shown to our students. The local scene has witnessed the visit of your colleagues from University of Kordufan Department of Banking. That visit emphasized the cordial relation that binds us with our counterparts in Elobaid and other Sudanese higher educational institutions. Registration of new entrants to our college has started with lively spirit and high expectations. We have to mention our joint effort with Faisal Islamic Bank which provided fresh students with few token gifts to commemorate this occasion. Students are now being registered and information about our college and prospective employment opportunities are offered by the SUST Students Union. The Union also provides ideas and advices to our novices as to how to start their long enjoyable journey of being a member of a great team. Finally, I wish your stay with us to be enjoyable, profitable and hope that you spend few years doing what you enjoy most in your life. We are sure that your academic and social dreams can be achieved, and hope to be able to help you in this process.